Where to find our work

Galleries and public locations

We display snapshots of our work in different galleries and public locations like caffes, restaurants, and social gathering places. We help to make latino community more visible in the everyday life

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Local publications

From a construction worker to a designer working every day in our community, you can find this unique stories in different publications in our local newspapers and magazines. We are helping to share not only stories but understanding between two cultures

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Social Media

Whether is facebook, instagram or twiter, we use all plataforms to spread the word and be in contact with you, like us, friend us or add us to your preffer social media platform

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Help the latino community share its story

Our proyect of September

During this month we’ll be working on construction workers, we’ll talk with them and how are their experiences in the labor. You’ll see:

  • Pictures of constraction latino workers in the field.
  • Interview to experts to let us know the impact of this labor force.
  • Stories of some construction workers.
  • Finding opportunities for construction workers.


Why choose working with us?

  • Highlite your work with the latino community .
  • Outreach to thousands of members of the latino community.
  • Keep in touch with our staff.

Become our partner

Let us know if you are interested in working with us to help you get closer with the latino community.

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I began my career as a teacher in 1995 and worked in that profession with much passion for 11 years. In my professional years, I started organizing communities in 1998, while continuing my teaching career. I organized farm workers in the northern part of Peru to promote economic development through agriculture and literacy. At the moment, I work with the WNC Workers’ Center.


I’ve been Working as a photographer for the latino community since 2010, at JMPROTV I’m in charge of producing media content that helps our latino community find opportunities from different organizations.

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