Our Mission

JMPRO TV is your community channel. We produce live programs, reports, cultural notes, and interviews about issues affecting our community (such as racial equity, immigration, education, health, etc.). Topics are reported from the perspective of the people impacted. We share our stories through social networks. Tune in!


My name is Magaly Urdiales; I began my career as an elementary school teacher in 1995, and have worked in that profession with much passion for 11 years. I started organizing communities in 1998, while continuing my teaching career. I organized farm workers in the northern part of Peru to promote economic development through agriculture and literacy. At the moment, I work with the WNC Workers’ Center and the Center for Participatory Change (CPC).


My name is Julio Tordoya; I was born in Peru where I studied education and graphic design. In 2006 came to Charlotte NC to teach Spanish in an elementary school. Since 2009 I’ve dedicated my time and energy to live my passion for creating images. Along with my team, we’ve created thousands of pictures of Latino events celebrating the joy of life. Starting in 2014 I began showing more of the hardworking spirit of my community, showcasing their contributions to our society. We produce media content that helps our community be more informed about opportunities while empowering young leaders to be the voice of the community.


My name is Yoset Aec; I was born in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico in 1991. I studied at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos School of Arts, majoring in visual arts, focusing on photography and animation. I also studied at theOscar Alférez School of Arts and Drawing for two years. After arriving in North Carolina, I joined the JMPro TV team, where I work as an editor, cameraman, and photographer.


My name is Joaquin; I love gaming and helping my dad with recording. I like to write too. I was born in Charlotte, NC, and now I’m going to school here in Asheville. My dream is to become an inventor. I have many friends who help me do projects, reports, stories and things like that.  


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