6:30pm at Stephens Lee Rec Center, “The City of Asheville discusses how public input informed Asheville’s search for the next police chief.

a community survey was conducted to identify qualifications for the new Chief.

Who was included in the survey?

2 pm, County building at 200 College St- Buncombe County Commission hears a presentation on their external audit.

Overlapping important meetings at
Asheville City Hall occurring because of the end of budget season
* 3 pm, Asheville Council Governance Committee hears staff presentation on “disparity study.”
* 4 pm, Asheville’s Board & Commission Committee reviews processes and seats for citizen-seated advisory boards.
* 5 pm, Asheville City Council‘s regular meeting: 1) agenda items for the presentation of next year’s budget, (not yet been made public) Public comment at a separate meeting on May 28th 2) the Flat Iron Hotel conditional zoning request (turned into a hotel?)

For viewers on Facebook, consider following Sunshine Request for meeting streams, or check out the City of Asheville’s youtube channel.

YWCA at 6:30 pm Tuesday,
-The final installment of the Civics 101 trainings on Asheville and Buncombe Boards of Education. includes childcare and English-Spanish interpretation.

On the same agenda as policy adoption for affordable housing development in the city limits
– will set precedent for future development in neighborhoods marked for future annexation.