The Trump administration has put migrants with rapid deportations alert once again.

On July 22, President Donald Trump administration has once again raised alarm among immigrants. Expanding the application of rapid deportations to those who have remained illegally in the country for less than two years. The publication within the Federal Register has been scheduled for Tuesday (today), which sets new guidelines for accelerated deportations which in this case will not be mediated by a judge. The new norm also has targeted foreigners who are in the U.S “without having been admitted or on probation after the inspection of an immigration agent at a port of entry.” This is a process that applies to asylum seekers, this new norm is also directed against those who did not arrive by sea or have entered by air through a port more than 150 kilometers from the border. Those that are affected must not have been physically in the country in the two years prior to their inadmissibility being determined. Others that will also be affected are those who have remained in the country continuously for at least 14 days, but less than two years. Any foreigner who has placed in a process of accelerated deportation has, in some way expressed an intention to apply for asylum for these individuals they will be interviewed by an asylum officer and they will determine if you have a credible fear to apply for asylum. This plan to accelerate deportations bypassing immigration courts will result in a lot of serious harm to migrants and their families.