Jesus Gamez, one Latino in Western North Carolina UPS

When Jesus Gamez Palomo was nine years old, he and his family arrived at Huston Texas from San Luis de Potosi, Mexico. After finishing high school, Jesus took the adventure of seeking new horizons in Asheville. In 2013 he started working at the warehouse of UPS, from where, with much effort and dedication, he ascended to the position of deliveryman. Jesus was the first Hispanic working in that place in the area of Western North Carolina. Currently, there are three members of the community doing the delivery and more in the warehouse.
“It is a very delicate job since discipline is required to keep the schedules … no matter the impediments with the help of God, everything can be done.” Jesus mentioned. He starts working from 9:25 in the morning until 7:25 in the afternoon, that routine is not troublesome because he enjoys meeting and talking with customers in his daily journey. In this coming holiday season the shift usually increases substantially, and for sure, If you transit through the Asheville area, you will see him, wearing his brown uniform and driving a truck of the same color, working hard as many Hispanics in our community who an example of sacrifice and dedication.